Organic Cotton for Your Child's Safety

This baby has the right idea, but there's something missing...some protective clothing.


Summer’s in full swing and it is time to relax under the summer sun, but it's also an important time to keep children safe and beat the heat with appropriate summer clothing - and organic cotton is the summer-safe answer!


Why organic and children?  All of our 100% Organic Cotton apparel, from hats and bibs to tees and pants keep children safer from harmful pesticides, fungicides, insecticides—cancer causing agents—all that can be found in conventional cotton clothing.  Organic cotton will also keep children cool while outside in the heat and protect their skin from harmful UV rays.


Conventional cotton is a highly chemical intensive crop and its production uses:


• 3% of the world's arable land
• 10% of all agricultural chemicals
• 25% of all insecticides


While conventional cotton farmers spray chemicals on cotton plants to exterminate unwanted bugs, these farmers also eliminate beneficial bugs as well.  When chemicals are sprayed onto cotton, our skin absorbs these poisonous chemicals.  This is dangerous for children and infants wearing non-organic cotton products, as their skin is more sensitive throughout their youth.  Irritated skin, rashes and headaches can all be caused by the chemicals trapped in the clothing.  


When selling organic cotton, organic farmers are supported, children are kept safer, and the environment benefits from our actions.  Let your customers know their child can be protected against the sun and harmful chemicals with organic cotton!


Check out Royal Apparel’s line of organic products for infants, toddlers and youth—all made with our super soft 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON. Made in USA.