It’s hot, the sun’s out, and the pool is on everybody’s mind.  Summer is officially here and customers need clothing that will keep them cool in the summer heat.  That’s where we come in.  Royal Apparel has the answer to the “What-clothes-do-I-need-this-summer” question and the reasoning behind why they need to buy it. 



To cater to your customers’ needs, consider the following 7 tips and guidelines:


- It’s not about wearing less, but what’s comfortable and protects you from the sun

- Wear light colors, like pastels to deflect the sun’s rays.  Try colors like:

        - White, Lemon, Light Greens and Blues, Pink or Peach

- Loose plain weave or tighter weaves and knits, like cotton jersey or linen, keep you cool

- AVOID corduroy, velvets, terry cloth, vinyl and leather

- Guys; tanks and short sleeve shirts keep you cool and protect a majority of your torso from the sun

- Gals; sun dresses, spaghetti straps, strapless dresses or flared skirts are the way to go

- If you have to dress up, lightly tailored suits, jackets and slacks won’t make you sweat inside


Check out our clothing line to follow these helpful tips! While we don’t offer shorts, we have plenty to offer from the waste up, like tank top clothing for men and short sleeves for women.


It’s hot out there. Be prepared, with Royal Apparel.