2024 is about formalizing and reinventing our commitment to Mother Nature.



A Sustainable Promise.

At Royal Apparel, our vision for 2024 is clear: to be a leader in sustainable fashion. We're going beyond just using organic materials - we're setting new standards in eco-friendly practices. Our commitment is deep-rooted, extending from our production line to our community efforts. This includes not only adopting greener manufacturing processes but also actively contributing to environmental initiatives. Our promise to Mother Nature is to not just talk about change, but to embody it in every aspect of our business. We're dedicated to making a tangible impact for a healthier planet.

Eco Collection - Made in USA Sustainable Apparel - Made in USA

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Give More. Get More.

In 2024, Royal Apparel is shifting both our focus (and spending) to sow the seeds of a more sustainable future. As part of this green evolution, we're meticulously analyzing our budgets to redirect funds towards eco-conscious initiatives. This includes turning the page from physical print catalogs to digital solutions and transforming our show booth displays to reflect our commitment to the planet. It's more than a change; it's our investment in a greener tomorrow.

The Sustainably Royal Initiative…. Coming soon


Lowering Our Carbon Footprint

In our quest to reduce waste, Royal Apparel is constantly refining our materials and processes. We're committed to minimizing our environmental impact at every step - from sourcing eco-friendly fabrics to enhancing our manufacturing efficiencies. By doing so, we're not just cutting down on waste but also actively reducing our carbon footprint. Every garment we create is a step towards a more sustainable and responsible fashion future.


Elevating Recycled Fashion

At Royal Apparel, we believe in giving materials a second life. Our commitment to reuse is evident in our expanding range of recycled components and products. By innovating with recycled fabrics and materials, we're not only reducing waste but also creating fashion that's both stylish and sustainable. Our efforts in reuse are a testament to our dedication to a circular fashion economy, where every resource is valued and utilized to its fullest potential.


Embracing a Circular Model

Our approach to recycling goes beyond traditional methods. At Royal Apparel, we're pioneering the reuse of more fabrics and components in our garments. This initiative is key to our sustainable journey, allowing us to turn old materials into new, fashionable pieces. Through our recycling efforts, we're not just conserving resources; we're also leading the charge in creating a circular model in fashion, where every piece has a purpose and nothing goes to waste.


Embracing Nature's Best: Our Organic Commitment. At Royal Apparel, we're dedicated to using organic materials,
ensuring every piece is as kind to the planet as it is stylish.

Unisex Organic Cotton Apparel
Unisex Organic Cotton
Women's Eco Styles
Women's Eco Styles
Kids and Infant Eco Apparel
Kids and Infant Apparel
Organic Cotton Apparel Accessories & Bags
Organic Accessories

Founded in the early 90s in Manhattan's Garment District, Royal Apparel began as a dream of two entrepreneurs devoted to American fashion. Our journey started with immersive experiences in southern factories, mastering crafts from knitting to sewing. Embracing the adage 'It takes a village', we learned the industry ropes from diverse mentors. Despite the fashion industry's shift overseas in the late 90s, we steadfastly remained true to our American-made ethos. Today, Royal Apparel stands as a leader in the U.S. for eco-friendly and classic garment production, catering to a diverse clientele including top musicians, wellness brands, and Fortune 500 companies, a testament to our dedication to sustainable, timeless fashion.


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