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Royal Apparel Names Production Supervisor



Royal Apparel Appoints Customer Service and Private Label Department Manager















Q&A: Product Sourcing for Unique Apparel and Accessories

Not sure where to turn for your client’s latest request? Check out the following recommendations from the Wearables staff.

Q: My client needs a men’s or unisex organic V-neck T-shirt. – Henry

A: Get comfy in the Organic Unisex V-Neck Tee (5055ORG; shown here) from Royal Apparel (asi/83731); (866) 769-2517; This 100% combed, ringspun, organic cotton shirt is made in the USA and comes in sizes up to 2XL. Then, check out the 100% Organic Cotton Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt (EC1052) from alphabroder (asi/34063); (800) 523-4585; Available in five colors and in sizes up to 3XL, this tee is made of cotton/spandex with side-seam construction. Last but not least, dress to impress with the Canadian-Made Organic Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt (546) from ATTRACTION (asi/37442); (819) 549-2477; It consists of 100% organic cotton, but the heather colors are 50% recycled polyester and 50% cotton.





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Eco Triblend Spandex Jersey Leggings by Royal Apparel

If your clients want repeat impressions, look no further than this staple of modern women’s apparel.
With a clean finish waistband, double-needle hem on the leg opening and a
soft material, she’ll want to wear them everywhere she goes—from the gym, to the

grocery store, to the dance floor, to her own living room.



Royal Apparel to expand on Long Island

Royal Apparel, a Hauppauge-based clothing manufacturers and distributor, aims to invest $4.58 million to expand on Long Island.

The company – which produces t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and more for young adults, children, toddlers and infants – plans to relocate from a 24,000-square-foot leased space at 65 Commerce Drive to 24,244-square-foot facility 91 Cabot Court.

“We are extremely excited and proud to have this opportunity to [expand] manufacturing on Long Island,” said Morad Mayeri, who owns the company with his brother Abraham.

The company plans to purchase, renovate and equip the Cabot Court facility, and build a 12,000-square-f00t addition.It’s where the company will house its warehouse, distribution, office, customer services, sales, production and accounting operations.

“The demand for U.S. manufacturing has been growing and we’re experiencing it firsthand,” Morad Mayeri said, explaining the need for expansion.

Founded in 1992, the company offers private label lines and sells to such brands as Timberland and the Gap. It also manufactures a natural organic clothing line made from certified organic cotton and chemical-free fibers.

Royal Apparel is working with the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency, which on Thursday voted on inducement resolutions to give tax breaks to assist with the property’s development.

The company would receive $76,849 in sales tax exemption and an estimated $48,090 in mortgage recording tax exemptions. The company would receive a property tax abatement of  $176,820 for the existing building for a period of 10 years and $87,450 for the 12,000 square foot addition, also over that same time period.

The company, which currently employs 34 in Suffolk County, plans to add another five jobs in the next year, and another five the year after that.

Average salaries at the company are about $30,000, officials said.

The company plans to work with the Department of Labor, Suffolk County Community College and other resources to train local workforce.

Tony Catapano, executive director of the Suffolk IDA, said skilled manufacturing “has a very high multiplier effect, meaning every dollar spent on manufacturing is multiplied many times over within our local economy.”

Mayeri said the company has 8,000 accounts nationwide, with opportunities to support a newly trained workforce.

The company also has a facility in Pennsylvania.


We announcing our expansion.
Thanks to our customers for all the support




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 Royal Apparel in the news  our bamboo tee dress in this issue of  promo marketing.






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Royal Apparel Launches New Website

Mike Clark June 22, 2016

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.—Wholesale clothing and custom apparel manufacturer Royal Apparel launches a new website. The site offers upgraded features for visitors, including a quick-view design which lets users view all available colors for each T-shirt style, an improved navigation menu, order tracking, and enhanced search filters to refine product results.

In addition to layout improvements, the website provides users with resources for marketing, including video tutorials, product tools for presentations, and detailed spec sheets on each product.

The new website also showcases the company’s personalization and branding offerings such as re-labeling services, and private label programs.

The updated site comes as the newest part in Royal Apparel’s recent growth and expansion. In May 2016, the companyannounced plans for an expanded facility and cited 30 percent growth per year since 2013.


Mike Clark May 20, 2016

Royal Apparel Announces Expansion and Growth

HAPPAUGE, N.Y.—Apparel manufacturer and distributor Royal Apparel announces significant growth and plans for expansion. The Long Island-based company has experienced 30 percent growth per year since 2013 and is projected to triple volume in the coming year.

“Technically, in the last two years we’ve doubled our business,” notes Glen Brumer, sales director for Royal Apparel, adding that the company is expanding the current 25,000 sq. ft. production space with an additional 30,000 sq. ft.

Noting that the company has quietly added production lines since 2015 as a precursor to physical expansion, Brumer cites multiple factors for significant growth at the company. The 2016 election season, he explains, has had a major impact. A diverse mix of styles for men, women, and children all comprise the election-related swag, and the demand covers all parties and candidates. The classic promotional T-shirt and sweatshirt have been popular items for candidate-conscious companies, notes Brumer, as well as baby onesies with candidate logos and slogans. In addition to election season apparel, the company experienced increased demand from segments like the music industry, environmental organizations, and food and beverage industries.

Brumer also notes the “Made in USA” component of Royal Apparel’s branding as a major contributor to sales growth. Production and manufacturing of the raw materials for Royal Apparel takes place within the United States, specifically in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.  

“We have our own knitting facilities where we make our own fabrics and a dye facility where we dye the colors,” explains Brumer, adding that Royal also operates domestic cut -and-sew operations.

In addition to a positive response from clients, Brumer notes that the uptick in business is palpable around the office.

“The morale has just been unbelievable,” Brumer comments. “It’s exciting to be part of a growing company.”


Our shirts are shown  1:11  into the segment. Click link below




Wearables News Briefs - May 2016

Royal Apparel (asi/83731) announces that it has more than doubled factory capacity in the last year, thanks to a growing demand for Made in the USA and sustainable products. The supplier says it has experienced compounded growth of over 30% per year for the last three years. 



Royal Apparel, Hauppauge, N.Y., announced its initiative to increase its selection of eco-friendly knitwear in the marketplace. It currently has more than 50 eco-friendly styles in women’s, men’s and children’s styes, and continually is adding styles.

In addition to all these styles, the company is expanding its sustainable fabrications, using organic cotton, recycled polyethylene terephthalate, recycled cotton scraps, hemp, bamboo and triblends

“It is our goal to help protect the earth by reducing the amount of pesticides, using less water, reducing the carbon footprint and manufacturing premium fashion styles,” said Glen Brumer, sales director for Royal Apparel.








FULL PAGE FEATURE on lead of the story !!!



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Royal Apparel in ASI March 21, 2016 POLO


Outfit of the Week: Men’s Layers

Allison Ebner

March 2, 2016

Here on the East Coast, it’s been a different season each day. Yesterday, we didn’t need a jacket. Today, we need to be bundled up. And, Thursday into Friday they’re calling for a little snow. Mother Nature is a fickle woman—and it definitely can make it difficult to figure out what to wear.

Admittedly, we’ve been focused on women’s fashion lately, but there’s no need to worry, guys—we didn’t forget about you.
Here’s how to recreate the look with some promotional pieces:



Royal Apparel in Promo Marketing's January 2016 issue




Make America Great With Political Swag: Presidential Hopeful Merchandise Mostly Made In The USA

The only thing rivaling Donald Trump's popularity is his "Make America Great Again" hat. Reuters

Most presidential hopefuls, from Donald Trump to Rand Paul, have bustling online stores full of merchandise that lets everyone know where the candidate stands. Only American citizens can purchase the shirts, cups and buttons -- because they count as campaign donations -- but is the merchandise itself American?


Hillary Clinton's robust store proudly announces every item is either "made in America," "union made" or a combination of both. Going further, Clinton's shirts are manufactured by Hauppauge, New York's Royal Apparel, according to Bloomberg Business. Royal Apparel has clothing that is made in the U.S., union-made or imported. The manufacturer uses domestic and imported cotton in its fabric. Interestingly, only five apparel manufacturers were used for the candidate apparel. American garment production has decreased significantly since 1990 with the industry losing 750,000 jobs over 21 years, Bloomberg reported.






Community Spotlight: Royal Apparel  August 2015 By Ashley Chiaradio

Giving back builds team morale, helps the community and creates a positive impact. Promo Marketing spoke to Glen Brumer, sales director of Royal ApparelOpens in a new window, Hauppauge, N.Y., to learn about the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater Inc. (Clearwater.orgOpens in a new window), an organization that educates youth about protecting the environment.


Promo Marketing: Can you briefly describe


Glen Brumer: Clearwater, founded by legendary musician Pete Seeger and friends, is an incredible organization [that] starts with our youth, educating them on becoming our next leaders [and] on protecting our environment. They have had an amazing impact on our Hudson River. Their annual family-oriented Clearwater Festival Event uses their Clearwater Sloop voyage on the Hudson, with music, crafts and interactive exhibits, to raise funds and consciousness on the plight of the river and the earth.


PM: Why did Royal Apparel pick this particular cause?


GB: We choose for the following reasons: 1. Our goals marry—we both stand for helping the environment. At Royal Apparel, we are using organic cottons and recycled yarns from bottles, and recycle our own water when producing our products. 2. There is also a great synergy as is founded by Pete Seeger, the legendary musician, and we are also very involved in the musician’s world, supplying our products to many leading concert tours and bands. They are great supporters of our Royal Apparel made in USA and sustainable products. 3. Both of our organizations have our heritage in New York. 4. We have been supplying shirts to their environmental education programs on the Hudson, as well as their music festival, and this is a great chance for us to give back.


PM: What do you like about working with


GB: During the festival, [] has on-site shops selling products that help promote its cause. It uses our organic products, which align with its mission. We also outfit [’s] educational program, as it takes schoolchildren on its “Sloop” boat on the Hudson River, teaching them the impact of keeping the water clear.

PM: Do you have any advice to give to others looking to get involved in charitable works in general?




Brendan Menapace

Warm and Toasty

How to add layers of success to your fleece and fall apparel business

It’s hard to imagine needing a fleece jacket right now in July. Before you know it, the days will get shorter, the leaves will change, and the temperature will drop. So now is the time for you to start thinking about fleece and fall apparel items. We spoke to Morey Mayeri, president of Royal Apparel, Hauppauge, N.Y., to find out about current market trends and what you can do to create new business opportunities with fleece and fall apparel. Mayeri added that the classic look of a pullover fleece hoodie can be fresh with different styles and colors. “We offer many different pullovers ranging from triblend to organic,” he said. “We also offer it in a camo, which is on trend and very stylish.” have samples




There’s no hiding from camo. Though it’s never been out of style, it has come far out of the shadows and deep into everyday fashion – including all sorts of variations on the traditional pattern, and the introduction of some unlikely colors. But when camo stays truest to its origins, it has the biggest impact. Whether evoking the dust of the desert or the lightless depths of the woods, the pattern speaks to the inner adventurer in everyone. Use it to add grit to outerwear and casualwear, or as an unexpected pop of pattern to accessories that need to leave their comfort zone and go somewhere wild. – Chuck Zak

August 12 2015




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Trend Alerts: Pantone's Amethyst Orchid


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