Eco-friendly Garments

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse - was coined long before Royal Apparel, is a core tenant of our corporate culture and product development criteria.

Besides building on our corporate responsibility and ethical standards, our eco-friendly apparel line provides our customers a way to give back to the environment as well.

Ways Royal Apparel reduces our environmental footprint:


  • Organic Cotton – farmed without insecticides, pesticides, & chemical fertilizers
  • Sustainable grown materials – Bamboo/Hemp both grow exceptionally fast, using less water, naturally insect resistance, and long lasting durability.
  • Low impact dyes reduces water quality impact of manufacturing
  • RPET – creating a soft fiber from otherwise discard plastics
  • Water recycling at our facilities, reduces our consumption and cuts down on water treatment and waste water.
  • Support of environmental non-profits like Hudson River Clearwater Project.






Our Eco Triblend apparel is a combination of  cotton combined with Recycled Polyester and Rayon, with the ecologically-friendly version of Triblend made using 100% certified organic. 

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Light, strong, soft to the touch, and requires less dye compared to cotton. Bamboo fabric absorbs moisture away from your skin, keeping you drier. Bamboo is one of the fastest renewable resources, growing incredibly quickly, and using about 1/3 less water than cotton to grow. Bamboo fabric also has insulating properties and will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 

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Hemp is an exceptionally strong, durable, eco-friendly fiber. Hemp is grown organically and doesn’t require insecticides or pesticides. This fabric has the feel of flannel and typically softens with age. Our hemp apparel line includes 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton for a silky soft feel.

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is one eco-friendly option that we have. Traditional cotton farming accounted for over 10% of total pesticide use and nearly 25% of insecticides used worldwide creating concern for drinking water supplies, wildlife, and the environment. While organic farming of natural cotton fiber is more expensive compared to traditional farming, it saves pesticide and herbicide use, soil and water degradation, and also wildlife. 

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Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (RPET) is made from recycled polyesters, recycled plastics and pure, 100% organic cotton. When making our RPET clothing 90% less water is used and we help take some of the millions of bottles out of the waste stream by using recycled plastics. 

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We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly progressiveness. We will continue to care for our customers and the environment by producing quality, comfortable, eco-friendly garments.