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We accept all major credit cards, certified checks and money orders. Company checks are welcome with pre-approved credit. If you would like to obtain terms, please fill out our Credit Application.


We will do our best to ship all orders received by 2 PM EST same day, but please note there are no guarantees.  Purchase orders are processed in the exact order they are received.  We recommend placing orders as early in the day as possible for best chances of shipping same day. Royal Apparel will not be responsible for non-delivery, delay, loss, or damage caused by the selected carrier. All merchandise is shipped FOB origin. 


All returns must be reported within ten (10) days from receipt of merchandise. A written authorization number must be obtained for all returns. You can do it by filling out the Return Authorization Form or by submitting a ticket at There is a 20% restocking fee in addition to freight charges for all returned merchandise with authorization number. All unmarked packages / cartons will be refused. No altered merchandise will be accepted (ie: screen printed, embroidered, relabeled, washed, dyed, embellished, etc.). Please inspect all goods prior to decorating merchandise. Only goods that have not been altered in any way will be considered for return. Samples and items on clearance are non-returnable. Customer is responsible for inspecting the merchandise upon receipt. Customer shall notify Seller in writing WITHIN 10 DAYS OF CUSTOMER’S RECEIPT OF THE MERCHANDISE of any claims for damages resulting from late delivery or any defect in the merchandise discovered by Customer.


Royal Apparel cannot guarantee variances in size, construction, color and shade of stock inventory. Royal Apparel hereby disclaims all expressed and implied warranties, including without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. All such warranties are hereby disclaimed and excluded from any and all transactions between client and Royal Apparel and shall not apply to the merchandise sold by Royal Apparel. Prices are subject to change without notice. All merchandise will be shipped at the prices in effect at the time of shipping. Royal Apparel reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change or discontinue styles, colors, sizes or fabrics. All orders are subject to availability. Client is responsible for all shipping and freight charges, FOB Royal Apparel's warehouse.


Claims for shortages and/or defective merchandise must be made within ten (10) days of receipt.  Seller shall not be responsible for shortages when shipments are directed to a third party other than the Customer.


Sample orders will be shipped at piece pricing plus freight costs. Samples may not be returned. All samples will be marked with style number, description, color and size.


Seller shall not be liable for any work performed by any third party and hereby waives any right to assert any claim against Seller for work performed by any other third party or vendor, including but not limited to claims for negligent referral, agency, or respondent superior.


Our dark colors are dischargeable. We always recommend our customers to test samples prior to proceeding with production.


Please note Royal Apparel makes periodic updates to garment specifications. Current inventory may include a balance of garments from a previous specification. Royal Apparel ships by FIFO accounting practice (First In First Out. Please contact Royal Apparel Customer Service with any questions.


If you did not receive a confirmation, we did not receive your order. Royal Apparel will not pay for expedited shipments on orders that were not confirmed. Please submit a ticket to if you did not receive a confirmation. View our Privacy Policy
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