At Royal Apparel, we craft our American made clothes with the highest care and quality, reliably producing timeless fashion. We have a commitment to domestic manufacturing and creating American jobs.


USA Strong

We are providing quality jobs that help the economy, local communities and keeps valuable skills living in our workforce.  Outsourcing to countries that in many cases don’t always like the American way, or even worse are hostile to American values is undercutting the American Worker.



Our employees are our greatest asset and provide reliable, expertly constructed apparel that can’t be outsourced.  Consist domestic shipping, avoids the “stuck in customs” or “lost shipment” delays that outsourcing to sketchy overseas factories can surprise you with.


Peace of Mind

Strict regulations for American manufacturers, protects the environment as well as protects against dangerous workplace conditions, and child labor. Foreign manufacturers cut corners to provide lower cost apparel, at high human rights and environmental costs.

Since 1992, we have continued to grow and hire some great people that make up our Royal Apparel team. While the domestic apparel industry shrank, our employees and our loyal customers kept the American Dream thriving at Royal Apparel.