Only 3% of fashion is made in the USA and we’re proud to be part of that community. We are known for having the largest collection of USA made premium knitwear in our industry.

Our East Coast locations in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, allow us to have easy access to our manufacturing. Since our beginning, we have experienced tremendous growth. As a result, we have been able to reinvest back into the company: hiring more team members, developing larger inventory positions, reinvesting into state-of-the-art production and warehouse management systems; and expanding our headquarters in Long Island, New York.

As an American manufacturer we explore the globe for the finest yarns. We then vertically produce allowing us to knit,dye, cut, sew and ship to our customers. Vertical production allows us to put more value into our products. We are able to produce high quality pieces at a faster turnaround time. We pour more care into our garments; applying contemporary designs, premium fabrics and craftsmanship of American-made pieces. From our factories to your closets — you can count on us to create top of the shelf Made in USA made pieces. Made with Domestic and Imported Yarns, based on yarn availability and current market status.

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