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Wholesale Prices, Same Quality T-Shirts

Royal Apparel sells direct, via our online store, or wholesale to other businesses and account holders who can order bulk,American made t-shirts for private label brands or for re-labeling to be sold as your line of products. We have a wide, continuous stock of “Made in the USA” shirts, garments and other apparel. All of our wholesale and sale apparel are of the same exceptional quality of our retail garments, but you can order your bulk American made t-shirts as blanks, single colors or as specialty custom t-shirts that include silkscreen printing services or embroidery.

Custom T-Shirt Manufacturing

If you company is need of a custom or specialty apparel manufacture and you want to support US manufacturers, then look no further than Royal Apparel. We have been sweatshop free since 1992! That is right—we manufacture in the US (we do have overseas production capability); and you can get quality t-shirts and other apparel that will look great on your customers. Whether you need stock color, American made t-shirts, blanks or custom designs, then contact Royal Apparel with your specific product requirements.

Royal Apparel can customize your t-shirts and other apparel. Services include:

  1. Providing the fabrics or thread counts that your product line needs
  2. Bulk blank or monochrome t-shirts ready for resale
  3. Private labels, re-labeling, or label branding for your company
  4. Product samples manufactured for your company’s approval before beginning any production runs
  5. Silkscreen Printing
  6. Dying
  7. Specialty fabrics
  8. Embroidery
  9. Styles including basic tees, crews, polo shirts, short sleeves, long sleeves, thermal long sleeves, unisex, blends, triblends, V-necks and other styles
  10. Speak with a staff member about any specifications for specialty fabrics or designs not covered by our standard product details. Learn about fabric and product details for t-shirts.
    1. We invite you to ask about our production process for private label or customized garments, or you are welcome to purchase stock shirts in bulk wholesale. Either way, we can get your apparel business stocked and ready for seasonal inventory changes and/or promotions

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