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Ad Specialty Wear for Promotions and Sales

Royal Apparel provides ASI wear and apparel for advertising and marketing and for wholesale and retail sales. Our clothing, apparel, t-shirts and other items are ideal for marketing and advertising. As a member of the Advertising Specialty Institute®, Royal Apparel meets manufacturing, silkscreen printing, dying and coloring guidelines set forth by ASI.

Ad specialty wear or ASI wear is a great way to promote a business, an event, fundraisers, or just to provide employees with standard wearbles with business logos. Our garments and shirts Royal Apparel Is an ASI Wear Manufacturer and Supplier—Contact Us Today

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Production Choices and Options for Finished Apparel

At Royal Apparel, you have a variety of choices and options for your ASI wear and other garments. Whether you need strictly promotional apparel or you need custom ASI wear for a clothing line, Royal Apparel can meet your company’s requirements. We do business with small companies, larger businesses, clothing lines, clothing retailers and corporations. We offer fabrics including premium knit apparel, RPET (blends of recycled polyester/plastics and cotton), 100% certified organic cotton, fleece, and other fabrics. Learn more about our fabric options and product details.

You are of course welcome to choose your clothing from stock inventory items, blanks, blank t-shirts or provide us with your specifications for a custom production run. Once we have your approval on sample garment production, our manufacturing turnaround times are quite competitive, and certainly quicker than waiting for surface shipping (sea) for garments manufactured overseas.

Since we control the design implementation, manufacturing, sewing and garment finishing processes, we can guarantee that apparel will meet your company’s specifications for ASI wear or for clothing lines. Businesses that do not have a Private labeling and re-labeling services

  1. Tear away labeling
  2. Learn about our fabrics and product details

Connect with Royal Apparel for more information about production, manufacturing and garment finishing for ASI wear or finished goods for retail sales.

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