Bulk Shirts Wholesale or Retail from Royal Apparel

American Made Bulk Shirts for Wholesale or Retail

Bulk shirts made in the USA by an American manufacturer are available direct to other businesses for B2B wholesale. Additionally, Royal Apparel sells direct to individual customers; we are also an online retailer. If you do not have a wholesale account, sign up today! Wholesale, business-to-business accounts are easy to set up and we offer free freight truck shipping within the contiguous US on orders exceeding $250. We also offer a range of other business services for wholesalers, clothing lines, small retail stores or retail chain stores. Services include:

  1. Private label and re-labeling services
  2. Tear away labeling
  3. Sale apparel
  4. Stock apparel
  5. Customized apparel and garments or specialty design and manufacturing
  6. Silkscreen printing
  7. Embroidery
  8. Dip dye
  9. Learn more about fabric and product details for bulk shirts

Whether your company needs stock inventory or customized bulk shirts, Royal Apparel can handle your manufacturing, production and shipping requirements. By manufacturing in the United States, you help American businesses, and the production lead times are shorter. Additionally, you do not have to wait for international surface shipping that can take weeks or even months to get inventories to your warehouse(s) or store(s).

Bulk Shirts (Wholesale) Are Available Direct from the US Manufacturer—Contact Royal Apparel
Call Royal Apparel Toll-Free at (866) 769-2517

At Royal Apparel, Your Business Always Has Choices for Bulk Shirts and Inventories

Royal Apparel offers a wide range of sizes to fit almost any adult woman, man, teen, youth or even toddler. In addition, our bulk shirts (stock or custom) come in a variety of styles, fabrics, cuts and colors. Whether you want blank t-shirts for your own finishing or you are a retail customer looking for a few great, comfortable shirts, Royal Apparel has the choice of apparel that you want.

Some of the wide variety of bulk shirts, cotton, organic and premium knit—made in the USA apparel that are available direct from Royal Apparel include:

  1. Wide range of sizes
  2. Women’s, men’s, youth, teens and toddler shirts (lapovers as well)
  3. Blend t-shirts
  4. Crew t-shirts
  5. Triblend t-shirts (deep lapover, V-necks, 3-button Henley Raglan, traditional, half sleeves, short sleeves, long sleeves, unisex) Old school or classic tees
  6. Sheer burnout
  7. Tank tops, rib tank tops, tunic tank tops
  8. Long sleeve thermal shirts
  9. Polo shirts (short sleeve)
  10. 100% organic cotton shirts and apparel, t-shirts, crew t-shirts, long sleeves, short sleeves, and thermals
  11. Cotton and 50/50 t-shirts, crew t-shirts, long sleeves, short sleeves, and thermals
  12. Dip dye shirts
  13. And, many other styles to choose from...

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