Bulk Tee Shirts—American Made and Supplied to Businesses by Royal Apparel

Are you looking for bulk tee shirts for your business or retail chain? 
Then get a wholesale account with Royal Apparel so your business is eligible for wholesale pricing.  Bulk shirt purchases of stock inventories or custom production orders are always welcome.  Whether you need a production run to try out a style or design, or you just need bulk tee shirts or blank tee shirts for your store(s), you can find what you need at Royal Apparel.

For Bulk Tee Shirts, Orders or Information—Contact Royal Apparel

Call Royal Apparel Toll-Free in the US:  866-769-2517

How Does Royal Apparel Stand Out in the Apparel Market?

Bulk Tee Shirts

Our apparel, tee shirts, shirts, fleece hoodies, tank dresses, toddler lapovers and other items are well-designed, very comfortable apparel.  Besides offering wholesalers and retail customers finished garments and goods at great prices, our wide choice of stock inventory apparel (available online at www.royalapparel.net) and customization services for B2B customers means that you get what you want at great prices, made with quality, durable fabrics right here in America—yes, there are still US apparel manufacturers left!

Some of our services and apparel options for B2B customers on bulk tee shirts and other garments include:

Apparel Retailer and Wholesaler

Royal Apparel is a retailer and wholesaler for bulk tee shirts, blank shirts, and other popular garments.  We offer direct retail sales through our website.  Retail orders can be eligible for free shipping (see or details when ordering) and wholesale customers (with a wholesale account) can be eligible for free truck freight shipping. Whether you are an individual customer, a wholesaler, a clothing line producers, or represent a chain apparel store, we welcome your business, anytime!

Contact Royal Apparel for Bulk Tee Shirts (Wholesale or Retail)

Call Us Today at 866-769-2517
Fax Business Orders or Inquiries to 631-922-8438

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