Combed Ring Spun Cotton Shirt Qualities

Cotton is versatile raw material and makes great yarn and fabrics, but the way raw cotton is refined into apparel dictates the quality garment and suitability for embellishment.

  • Combing – this process removes short fibers and impurities from the raw fiber making a more consistent yarn.
  • Ring Spun – tighter spun to create a more compact knit.

Together a combed and ring spun cotton yarn provides printers a smoother canvas, consumers a softer-hand and more durable apparel.

Feel the difference, get a sample combed ring spun cotton t-shirt! – Sample Program

Advantages of Combed Ring Spun Cotton Shirts and Apparel

Printing – whether you are working with traditional screen-printing techniques or using the latest direct to garment (DTG) machines a smooth canvas is keep to crisp designs, vivid colors and quality presentation.

Soft-hand – the additional combing and tighter knit provides a softer feel to shirts, hoodies, one-piece infant apparel and more. Promoting the difference in combed ring spun vs. standard cotton apparel can help distinguish your business and give your customers a reason to not only consider price. While combed ring spun is a more expensive material the end result is substantial, the reason why we only use combed ring spun cotton in all our shirts.

Durability - Ring spun combed cotton provides a tighter yarn which is then translated to a stronger knit and a more durable garment.

If your customer base values having Eco options, consider our Organic and sustainable blends of jersey, fleece, rib, and terry.

Our wholesale purchasing options are great for business owners just starting out and established retailers alike, no matter your market! Our quick turn production (especially for sustainable clothing) is made available by our domestic manufacturing.

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