Domestic Wholesale Apparel—Clothing Made in the USA

Royal Apparel Manufactures in the US

Domestic wholesale apparel is available for wholesalers, distributors, suppliers and end-user retail stores.  Royal Apparel does in fact offer “Made in the USA” t-shirts, pullovers, polo shirts, tank tops, long sleeves, short sleeves, fleece hoodies, unisex garments, and many other items that are domestically produced clothing.  We manufacture clothing for wholesale including finished apparel and bulk blank garments that your company can finish, or that we can custom manufacture for your business.

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Call Royal Apparel Toll-Free: 866-769-2517

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What Are Some of the Business-to-Business Services from Royal Apparel?

organic cotton blank t-shirts

Royal Apparel sells inventory stock apparel online through our store that is available for individual customers or business clients.  We provide a wide range of business-to-business (B2B) services including custom domestic wholesale appareland finishing services.

Royal Apparel works direct with businesses to provide blank apparel, bulk clothing, and finished garments depending on a company’s requirements.

Some of the services available for domestic wholesale apparel include:

Contact Royal Apparel for Finished Goods or Custom Manufacturing

When you are looking for American made clothing and domestic wholesale apparel for your business, be sure to contact Royal Apparel for finished inventory stock or for custom manufacturing services.  Additionally, Royal Apparel guarantees that all garments are “sweatshop free” items, since we design, manufacture, assemble and finish clothing in the USA!

For Domestic Wholesale Apparel, Contact Royal Apparel

Call Royal Apparel Toll-Free:  866-769-2517

Business Fax: 631-922-8438

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