Eco Friendly Clothing Line and Organic Cotton Apparel

Eco Friendly Clothing Line Manufacturer

Royal Apparel manufacturers a wide range of shirts and other garments.  We produce an eco friendly clothing line for retail sale through our online store, and we offer wholesale accounts to stores, retailers and suppliers.  Our environmentally friendly clothing is made of 100% organic cottonrecycled polyester blends with organic cotton (RPET), and premium knit apparel ( made in the USA). If you represent a store, a clothing line, regional or national chains, or you need an eco friendly clothing line for ad specialty or  ASI wear and apparel, then set up a Eco Friendly Clothing Line—Retail and Wholesale—Contact Royal Apparel

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Private Label, Eco Friendly Clothing Line for Your Company

Royal Apparel provides many product and apparel finishing options including services for eco friendly clothing lines. Once you have a business-to-business (B2B) or wholesale account, your company can buy shirts, t-shirts and other apparel at wholesale pricing (orders through our store over $250.00 are eligible for free freight, truck shipping in the contiguous US).

Additionally, we offer a variety of customization options for your private label, eco friendly clothing line.  As your private label manufacturer and supplier, Royal Apparel offers B2B sales and finishing for garments including the following options:

  1. Eco friendly textiles including 100% organic cotton, RPET (recycled polyesters and organic cotton blends) and other blends
  2. Blank shirts and garments
  3. Private labeling and rebranding services for apparel
  4. 'Tear away labels for your own branding
  5. Bulk lot purchases
  6. ASI apparel or clothing
  7. Embroidery
  8. Silkscreen printing
  9. Learn more about Royal Apparel’s fabrics and product details
  10. Custom manufacturing services  for your eco friendly clothing line include:
    1. Quick product sample production based on your company’s specifications (we need a tech-pack)
    2. Quick turnaround on production runs once samples are approved
    3. Fast shipping and delivery with no waiting on overseas manufacturers to ship by sea
    4. Eco friendly clothing line finished the way your company wants

American Manufacturing

Your eco friendly clothing line will not be comprised by cheap, overseas sweatshops or child labor—we condone neither.  We are a sweatshop free manufacturer!

We design, manufacture and supply blank apparel for B2B account holders, custom manufacture clothing and shirts, and sew and finish goods right here in the United States.  Since we control all aspects of production, we can assure you that you will be dealing with an American manufacturer that can supply your company with an eco friendly clothing line that is “made in the USA”

Contact Royal Apparel for Wholesale Organic Cotton Apparel and Our Eco Friendly Clothing Line

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