Printing and Embroidery Services


• The minimums depend on the complexity of the artwork and the print technique.

• Minimums are typically no less than 1200 units per style, color and design.

• Please provide us with the Royal Apparel style number, color and size breakdown

• Please also provide artwork in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator file – art must be separated with exact print dimen-sions and placement necessary for all print locations.

• Print location and technique per location

• Please advise if there is any special packaging involved


NOTE: If we do not have all of the print details, we will not be able to quote exact pricing.


DEVELOPMENT COSTS (films and screens):

(Does not include under-base on dark colors)

Costs will depend on print size and technique. We will quote upon receipt of complete art file



2.5 X production cost per unit.

• Please forward this email with all information requested to and our production team will contact you with pricing and lead time.

• On all custom programs/screen printing, we require 50% deposit before we start and the balance is based on credit status or prepayment prior to shipping.

*Please note that we always add 5% to the customers ordered units for Fallout. Customer is only required to pay for 1st quality embellished garments.