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Royal Apparel Has Adult, Unisex Cotton T Shirt Size Options for Retail or Wholesale

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Manufacturer Produces Clothing Including Unisex Cotton T Shirt with Size Options (Standard or Custom Sizing on Custom Production Runs)

Be sure to review any of our Unisex cotton t shirt styles and cuts as well as pertinent sizing information.  We offer a range of finished goods and blanks with Unisex cotton t shirt sizing options, and more sizing options for custom production runs of clothes made to meet your company’s specifications and/or need for Private Label business-to-business service.

You can learn more about Royal Apparel’s standard sizing by reviewing our clothes sizing chart page, or by review the fabric, dimensions and type of manufacturing listed for each page in our inventory stock.  We can sell your company a wide range of Unisex cotton t shirt with size options from our standard sizing chart, or we can produce a production run of unisex cotton t shirts with sizing options that meet your particular sizing for clothing from infants and toddlers, to youth and teenagers, as well as, adult clothing sizing for women and men.

Royal Apparel Manufacturers Clothes and Unisex Cotton T Shirts with Size Options for Customers

Royal Apparel manufactures in the U.S. and that includes our  custom apparel manufacturing and/or finishing services.  Royal Apparel can offer quick turnaround times on sample garment product per your tech-pack(s) information, and once the garment style including Unisex cotton t shirt size options, is approved, then we can offer business customers quick turnaround times on manufacturing your entire production lot.

Royal Apparel is an ASI member. We are committed to producing high-quality, yet affordable clothing, and silkscreen printing, embroidery, sewing or even sublimation dyeing of our 100% Polyester blanks.  We are committed to producing sustainable fashion clothing, and to manufacturing “sweatshop free” clothing and/or fair trade wholesale clothing made in accordance with best practices.  Royal Apparel also produces ASI organic apparel, and a wide range of organic clothing including 100% organic cotton, blends of organic cotton and hemp (hemp blank t shirts), cotton and organic bamboo, RPET (a recycled plastic fiber and Polyester fabric), with fleece, fine Jersey fabrics, ecologically friendly versions of our Triblends (cotton, Rayon and Polyester), and other options.  We encourage individual shoppers and our business customers to learn more about Royal Apparel’s fabrics and blends.  We are continuing to add organic fabric options for our inventory and also for our business-to-business manufacturing services.

Union Shop and Manufacturer for Unisex Cotton T Shirts (Sizes Available) and Organic Clothes

Royal Apparel offers eco fashion clothes (wholesale or retail), and as the manufacturer, we control the entire production and can guarantee that our organics or organic blends are indeed exactly what they are supposed to be.  Royal Apparel runs a union shop in Hauppauge, New York.  You can rely on our products for durability, comfort and sustainability.  Whether your need an organic Unisex cotton t shirt with size options for adult women and men, or you are interested in other blanks, styles, cuts, or types of apparel.  We recommend that you take a quick look at the ”USA Made” section of our website, or take a look at our featured union shirt, which is ecologically-friendly garment, a classic, all-American standard: the 65051UNN Unisex UNION MADE Recycled Jersey Tee.  Just a note, this particular shirt offers a very interesting fabricate blend: a classic t shirt made of recycled fabrics with base blend comprised of recycled Jersey-style with a blend of 65% recycled cotton and 35% recycled Polyester at 5.0 ounces per square yard.

So, we can offer organic Unisex cotton t shirt sizes, or we can offer blends of various fabrics including recycled options.  This is also a great selling point at retail for or business customers.  Whether you want to look at our Unisex cotton t shirts, sizes, product details, or available blends, or you want to review other clothes, then by all means, please review the Royal Apparel online store.  Also, business customers can review our Home/Wholesale section for current inventory, and you can download the 2016 product line catalog (or review our products online with Royal Apparel’s Look Book.

Customers: Review Royal Apparel’s Organics Sections

Retail shopper or businesses can search for Unisex cotton T shirt or search for Unisex cotton tees in order to see the range of available products in our current inventory.  Each product page has additional product details, sizing options, dimensions, fabric blend ratios, color availability and additional information on the cuts, styles, comfortability, drape and other pertinent product aspects.

Business customers may want to review some of your organic options by choosing the options that meet your preference(s):

Additionally, you can review our organic products by category.  Whether you are interested in organic Unisex cotton t shirts, sizes, or you are interested in completely different clothing options, we probably already have some organic clothing to meet your business requirements—if not, then please contact us about your custom production requirements.

You can review our different organic categories:

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Royal Apparel is a major clothing manufacturer.  We produce Private Label garments, blanks of all kinds, a changing retail and wholesale inventory of finished goods, and we offer custom clothes manufacturing and finishing services .  We also offer re-labeling services and tear away labels for business customers for their own clothing lines.

Just let us know how we can help your business.  Royal Apparel is a full-service manufacturer.  You may contact Royal Apparel about purchasing inventory stock or blanks, or you can call Royal Apparel nationwide at 866-769-2517 for assistance with business services.  You can also reach us by email:  sales@royalapparel.net.