US Made Shirts from Royal Apparel

Wholesalers Have the Option of Buying Shirts from a US Manufacturer

There are indeed still US made shirts available for wholesalers, distributors, clothing stores, private brands, and even for individual retail purchase direct from a manufacturer committed to domestic production. Royal Apparel is an American manufacturer that produces shirts, T-shirts and other garments in the US. Additionally, we also offer ad specialty clothing or high quality, ASI wear and apparel, custom manufacturing, and other services.

All of our apparel is “made in the USA” and we guarantee that are products are manufactured, assembled, finished or customized in a “sweatshop free” environment.

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Business-to-Business Services from Royal Apparel

Any business that is interested in domestic clothing production or environmentally-friendly manufactured apparel should sign up for a wholesale account with Royal Apparel to purchase bulk inventories of shirts and garments at wholesale prices, or so we can customize stock items, or deliver US made shirts or blanks in small or large production runs to your business or stores. B2B customers or wholesalers always have options with Royal Apparel.

Some of the B2B services available to our customers include:

  1. Stock, inventory garment sales
  2. Bulk blank shirt sales
  3. Wholesale pricing on catalog apparel
    1. Some of the B2B services available to our customers include:

      1. US made shirts that are environmentally friendly
      2. 100% organic cotton shirts
      3. Premium knits made in the USA
      4. RPET blends manufactured from recycled polyesters and plastics
      5. Custom production runs from your designs, tech-packs or other specifications
        1. Apparel finishing services:

          1. ASI standards compliance for garment printing and finishing
          2. Dip dyes or dip dye styles
          3. Embroidery services
          4. Printing services
          5. Private labeling and rebranding
          6. Shear burnout styles
          7. Silkscreen printing
          8. Sewing
          9. Tear away labels

Royal Apparel Helps You Get Your Shirts to Market Quickly

We urge B2B customers to learn about Royal Apparel’s fabrics and product details for standard apparel production. We will gladly customize apparel or manufacture US made shirts and other garments per your company’s specifications. We can accommodate small and large production runs, and get your products to market quickly.

Of course, the time from concept to approval to the production run depends on the size and complexity or order. We do provide quick turnarounds on garment samples and final production.

Wholesale, Clearance and Sale Apparel

Royal Apparel sells US made shirts for wholesale, bulk, retail, clearance, or for general sales to B2B customers and to individual shoppers. If your company does not have a wholesale account with Royal Apparel, then sign up, so your company will receive our best sales rates and additional customization options.

Wholesalers and retail customers are always welcome to buy sale or discounted apparel, but just remember, that quantities are limited!

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