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Activewear, Tees, Tanks, Thermals, Fleece, and Accessories.

Wholesale Women’s Apparel – Beginner to large scale buyer here are the priorities of our customers.

USA Made

  • Quality Construction –  skilled craftspeople, sweatshop free
  • Quicker turn around, you’re not waiting 6 weeks for a container ship to traverse the globe
  • Reliable sizing and materials – consistent material and quality checks

Sustainable apparel materials

Hemp Apparel - Take a look at our Viscose Hemp Lines – We have wholesale blanks, fashionable trends and retail styles in many cuts and styles.

Bamboo styles - We have Viscose Bamboo blends in Kids/Youth, Women’s, Men’s and accessories.

Organic Cotton - available in 100% Organic Cotton apparel, or blended with some of our recycled, viscose or other blends.

Recycled Apparel Styles

Recycled Plastic (RPET) apparel –Providing a valuable market for post-consumer plastics, RPET blends are super soft and provide a way to reduce plastics from being landfill for centuries before breaking down.

RPET apparel - Wholesale | Retail

Track record

If you are looking for a quality wholesale apparel for large projects give us a call. We have worked with the nation’s largest promotional product companies, music merchandisers, political campaigns, non-profits, brands and institutions.

Diversity of wholesale apparel options

  • Color selections
  • Fabrics
  • Materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Union

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