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Choose the Best Sublimation T-Shirts (Blanks or Custom-Printed) for Your Clothing Line

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Royal Apparel Produces the Best Sublimation T-Shirts

If your business, private label clothier, clothing line, or individual retail store needs a supplier of blanks for the best sublimation t-shirts you can produce for your designs, then be sure to review the capabilities of a reliable, custom U.S. manufacturer, supplier and custom-printer of quality, polyester sublimation t-shirts.  Royal Apparel is proud to be a union shop and a U.S. manufacturer of finished apparel and custom clothing for businesses across the country.  We produce high-quality, fashionable shirts, t-shirts and other apparel meeting high production standards.  As a union shop, we our customers can always rely on union-made t-shirts and other clothing guaranteed to be manufactured and/or custom-finished under “sweatshop-free” conditions.

Contact Royal Apparel about purchasing blanks or custom-printed apparel including the best sublimation t-shirts you are likely to find!  Our company supplies quality, white polyester t-shirts for sublimation dyeing, silkscreen printing or for other customization requirements.  Your business may call Royal Apparel at (866) 769-2517 in Hauppauge, New York.  Businesses may e-mail us about inventory stock or custom production at:

Our 100% Polyester T-Shirts Are Your Best Choice for Sublimation Dyeing

Companies always have production and finishing options available when working with Royal Apparel.  We offer custom apparel manufacturing and finishing services—we do need tech-packs for custom production runs—and, we can finish blanks to meet your specifications.  We can offer your company silkscreen printing, dyeing/sublimation dyeing, embroidery and additional sewing services to produce garment samples and then to deliver a production run.  We offer customers quick turnaround times, and custom production runs are usually deliverable within one or two months on most orders.  Or course, we can custom-print inventory stock items and blanks usually much quicker.

Royal Apparel is a retailer and a wholesale, U.S. apparel manufacturer, so you can always stock your inventory with items available from our online retail store product line.  Royal Apparel offers high-quality white blanks for the best results for your sublimation t-shirts (specifically, our sublimation t-shirts at wholesale), and these finished blanks are ideal for high-quality, photographic-realistic sublimation dyeing to vividly reproduce you photographic designs, branding elements, logos, ads, or event promotional graphics.  These shirts are a great selection for general printing requirements including silkscreen printing or any other graphics reproductions meeting ad specialty requirements. Royal Apparel is an ASI member, and therefore, we adhere to industry-standard ad specialty production specifications.

Our best sublimation t-shirts is the following product listing:  a super-soft, 100% polyester t-shirt—our Unisex Polyester Sublimation T-Shirt (Product #26051). This blank available (available in white) is ideal for customization and for vibrant graphics reproduction as expected with sublimation dyeing.

Our Unisex Polyester Sublimation T-Shirt features:

  • —A t-shirt produced in the U.S.A. at a union shop
  • —Standard sizing available in: XS, SM, MD, LG, SL, 2X and 3X options
  • —30/1 100% polyester fabric composition at 4.4 ounces per sq. yd.
  • —Set-on rib collar style shirt design
  • —Tape shoulder-to-shoulder style shirt design
  • —Side-seamed production/sewing style
  • —A double-needle sleeve hem style design
  • —A double-needle bottom hem style design
  • —Optional tear-away labeling for convenience or your private label
  • —Neutral color (white), which is the best color for sublimation dyeing

These particular blanks, our best sublimation t-shirts, is what we recommend for bulk purchases for your own printing or for customers requesting custom-printing and for re-labeling services for a private label.  We can produce other blanks per your company’s custom production specs.

Royal Apparel offers a range of other t-shirts and blank apparel available for wholesale or for custom finishing as individual business customers request.  We do offer other quality fabric blends including: organic bamboo, 100% organic cotton, fleece, fine jersey, RPET (recycled polyesters and plastic fibers), and various blends.

Contact Royal Apparel for the Best Sublimation T-Shirts

Once your business establishes a wholesale account with us in order to purchase inventory stock or to request custom production, custom silkscreen printing, blanks for the best sublimation t-shirts or other services, be sure to contact Royal Apparel about custom-finishing shirts to meet the specific needs of your clothing line, private label or ad specialty printing needs.  At Royal Apparel, you are buying American-made clothing produced at our union shop.  Be sure to purchase the best quality Made in America apparel for your sublimation t-shirt product line.

Your business may request custom apparel manufacturing and/or finishing services as your company requires.   Businesses may call Royal Apparel direct, toll-free at (866) 769-2517.  You may e-mail us any questions about custom production runs or custom finishing services to make sure that you have the best sublimation t-shirts available for your customers.  You can email Royal Apparel at:

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